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Here in the United States, foreclosure has become a lot more prevalent, as the economy has led to many homeowners being bankrupt. Here at Axelrod Law Office, we understand how being in a difficult financial situation can lead to being unable to cover your mortgage payments. This may occur as a result of sudden vehicle repairs, medical emergencies, or unexpected bills. In other cases, it can occur because of the loss of a job and your inability to pay for all of your financial obligations. Having an experienced Willoughby attorney on your side can greatly benefit your ability to keep your home.

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If you are behind on your mortgage payments and don't have the means to get caught up, but you are willing to do whatever it takes, you may choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are a number of benefits to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including that it allows you to pay off your late payments over a period of time (which would be negotiated by our firm) and keep your home. This also puts in place an automatic stay which prevents collectors from contacting you or taking actions of collection against you.

There are a few options which we may explore in order to fight foreclosure, such as:

  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Modifying your mortgage
  • Negotiating with lenders

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If you are currently facing enormous debt which has led to you being late on your mortgage payments, it is important to get in touch with our firm right away. Here at Axelrod Law Office, we are committed to helping you keep your home from being foreclosed on and allowing you to pay off your debts. Don’t just settle for a life of stress and anxiety. We can help!

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