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Civil litigation is a common, non-criminal branch of law. Cases that require civil litigation intend to resolve disputes between two or more parties; the parties seek monetary punitive damages or restitution as a reward instead of corrective criminal sanctions. An experienced litigator can often finalize substantial settlements for clients before the case even reaches the courtroom.

Civil litigation encompasses numerous areas of practice, including but not limited to:

  • Personal injury law
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Employment discrimination law
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Mass torts

How can an attorney help me in my civil litigation suit?

A civil litigation attorney will not only help argue the facts during trial, but they will perform the investigation process, draft any pleadings or court documents necessary for the case, gather pre-trial witnesses and evidence, select a jury, and settle or appeal on behalf of the client (as the case dictates).

Axelrod Law Office has developed a reputation for taking the plaintiff’s side in litigation and delivering favorable verdicts for our clients even in challenging circumstances. We fight to secure settlements for our clients out of court, but we are always prepared to take a case to trial if necessary. We combine our intimate knowledge of procedural law with a tireless attitude. All of our clients and cases receive the personal attention they deserve. Our success in the courtroom is the result of intensive preparation.

Capturing significant recoveries begins in the discovery phase of civil litigation. Our casework in front of arbitrators, judges, and juries is a source of great pride. We believe you need a strong advocate in your corner during contentious civil disputes. In order to provide people with tenacious representation, we offer competitive, flexible rates and payment options, and will also consider non-traditional payment alternatives under certain conditions.

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