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Uncontested Divorce in Ohio

Mentor, OH Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Helping You Navigate Collaborative Divorce

Divorcing couple and lawyer - Uncontested Divorce OhioMost people think of divorce as a heated courtroom battle, but the truth is that most divorces are quiet, cooperative, and civil. Uncontested divorce is the most common form of marriage dissolution because it is less complicated, less expensive, and tends to move faster. It also does not involve the emotional stress that often accompanies litigated, contested divorce cases.

How Long does an Uncontested Divorce take in Ohio?

Divorce time varies depending on the other potential legal factors. Axelrod Law Office is prepared to represent and guide you through the uncontested divorce process. If you and the other party believe that you can agree on each area of your divorce, do not hesitate to speak with a Mentor divorce attorney from our firm and discuss your options. Our family lawyers will treat you with the utmost respect and guide you toward a favorable outcome.

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Collaborative Divorce & Mediation in Ohio

Uncontested divorce can be achieved in one of two ways, both of which allow the two parties to agree on and outline their own terms for:

Collaborative Divorce in Mentor, OH

This option allows each party to retain their own counsel, but avoid the courtroom and the need for litigation. Both parties, together with their counsel, sit down together and work out the terms of their divorce. The attorneys do not represent their clients—they simply provide counsel and guidance. Once the divorce agreement has been drafted and agreed upon, it is then taken before a family law judge to be entered and the divorce is finalized.

What is Divorce Mediation in Ohio?

This option allows both parties to sit down with one certified, unbiased, third-party mediator who oversees and guides the two parties as they outline the terms of their divorce. Mediation can be used for the entire divorce, or it may be ordered by a family law judge during a contested divorce case if the judge wants the two parties to come to their own agreement on a single aspect of their divorce (such as custody or visitation).

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