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Restoring Your Credit in Ohio

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Rebuilding your credit score after financial difficulties or bankruptcy can be confusing and often overwhelming. Where do you start? What steps should you take? How can you be sure you’re taking the right steps to rebuild your credit score to where it needs to be? All of these are valid questions that deserve to be answered by a knowledgeable professional.

The debt relief lawyers at Axelrod Law Office are here to help you through this process! For almost 15 years, our legal team has guided clients toward the best means of restoring their credit.

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The Best Ways to Restore Your Credit

Eliminate Your Debt

Whether you pay it all off or file for bankruptcy, eliminating your debt allows you to start over from scratch. Once your debt is gone, you no longer have to focus on paying your credit card bills on time or paying off your debts. Instead, you can focus on building credit score.

Follow a Budget

This may seem like a given, but following a budget really is a vital means of rebuilding your credit. By sticking to a strict budget, you can avoid racking up more debt or missing due dates for rent, car payments, utilities, and other bills, which can lower your credit score.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Late payments hurt your credit score, while making your payments on time—especially if you do so consistently for an extended time period—will improve your credit score from month to month.

Use a Secured Credit Card

Follow this tip with extreme caution! Having and using a credit card wisely can actually build your credit score; however, if you abuse your credit card and rack up excessive debt, then you’ll end up back at square one.

Instead, find a secured credit card with a low credit limit and be sure to pay it off every month, or at least keep your balance very low. By showing the credit companies that you can have credit and use it responsibly, your credit score will go up.

Seek Credit Counseling

Get professional guidance from a certified credit counseling agency. The government often requires individuals to do this before they can file bankruptcy, but the option is available to anyone.

With a professional guiding you and keeping you accountable, you may be able to get your finances in order, your debt lowered, and your credit score improved.

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