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The aftermath of losing a loved one can be undeniably overwhelming. While processing their first waves of grief, surviving loved ones are often confronted with any number of practical, financial, and legal challenges that have manifested as a result of their loss.

One of these notable challenges – probate – affects virtually all estate cases in Ohio. The administration of a deceased individual’s estate, which generally occurs as part of the probate process, can be a truly complex, time-intensive, and draining undertaking as well. Working with a client-focused attorney can help loved ones to manage these challenges as efficiently and effectively as possible under the circumstances.


After a resident of Ohio passes away, their estate is generally subjected to the probate process. Probate helps to ensure that the validity of the deceased individual’s will is valid, that their debts are paid, and that their remaining assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes. If someone dies without a will in place, the probate process generally requires that the intestate laws of Ohio must be applied to an individual’s estate.

The probate process is notorious for being emotionally charged, complex, and potentially contentious. Anyone who has a significant interest in the outcome of an individual’s probate process may benefit from speaking with an attorney if they believe that their own interests and/or the interests of the deceased are not being appropriately addressed.

Estate Administration

The individual who is empowered with the authority to manage the probate process on behalf of an estate is generally referred to as a personal representative or an estate administrator. Navigating the process of serving in this role is rarely easy or straightforward. Thankfully, it is wholly appropriate for a personal representative to seek legal assistance as they execute their duties.

If you are serving as an estate administrator on behalf of a loved one or colleague, you do not need to muddle through the complexities of accessing and settling accounts, navigating disputes between beneficiaries, and distributing property on your own. Especially because you could potentially be held personally liable for certain mistakes made during the probate process, it may benefit you to reach out to our firm for personalized guidance as you move forward in this consequential role.

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