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Child and spousal support issues tend to be – very understandably – emotionally charged in nature. This reality is what it is, in part, because the area of law that governs these issues is often misunderstood. As a result, working with a legal professional who has extensive experience navigating both straightforward and complex support matters can empower individuals to make informed decisions about their rights and responsibilities.

Spousal Support Concerns

In Ohio, spouses can mutually agree to divide the value of their marital estate however they wish. Choosing to include spousal support terms in a divorce agreement voluntarily may allow one spouse to benefit from ownership of valuable property while allowing the other to benefit from income for a time.  

In the event of a contentious divorce, a judge may award spousal support in the form of installment-based income, a gross financial award, or even real property. Ohio is an equitable distribution state, which means that the value of a couple’s marital estate may be divided disproportionately if an award other than 50/50 would produce a fair result. In contentious divorces, spousal support is often awarded to “level the playing field” between spouses who earn very different income amounts.

In both amicable and contentious divorce scenarios, carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks of including spousal support as part of a divorce decree is essential to protecting the interests of both spouses.

Child Support Concerns

Each parent that maintains their parental rights in Ohio is generally required to contribute to their child’s financial needs. When parents spend an uneven amount of time caring for a child and/or they earn a disparate amount of income, one parent will be ordered to pay child support to the other.

Traditionally, a child’s non-custodial parent was tasked with paying child support. But, as nearly equal parenting time arrangements are increasingly common, it is possible that a higher-earning parent who spends slightly more time with a child under their care may be ordered to pay support to their co-parent.

While income-based formulas are the foundation of Ohio’s child support laws, judges can take parenting time share, childcare costs, unusually significant medical costs, and other special factors into consideration when crafting a child support order. Therefore, one of the benefits of working with an experienced attorney when addressing child support concerns tends to be an informed argumentation process wherein all the nuances of the state’s child support laws are taken into account.

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The end of a marriage or a romantic relationship in which partners share children is an inevitably expensive transition. As a result, both adults involved deserve to understand their rights and options with regard to spousal support and/or child support, as appropriate. That way, each of them can make informed decisions with regard to their personal responsibilities and future circumstances.

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